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3D scanning and reverse engineering technologies.

 In today's economic environment, reverse engineering technologies are becoming increasingly important. The engineering department of TARGET PROM provides these services to a wide range of customers, expanding their awareness of new reverse engineering tools.

 Reverse engineering is the process of creating technical documentation based on an existing part or design. In other words, the design process goes in the opposite direction - from the physical object to its abstract representation.

 In production, situations often arise in which reverse engineering is the optimal, and sometimes the only way to solve various problems. For example, reverse engineering is useful in developing, upgrading, and repairing equipment.

















Through reverse engineering, digital 3D models are obtained, from which a new part can be quickly manufactured using traditional and / or additive technologies.

 Typical use cases are situations where a part is needed urgently, but the manufacturer has ceased operations, or such parts are no longer available, or delivery times are too long, or the price is too high. Reverse engineering is indispensable in the absence or loss of project documentation, as well as in the case of studying competitors' products and technology transfer.

 One of the activities of the company  TARGET PROM is reengineering. Our experts will help you in preparing the necessary working design documentation for parts, products, tooling and equipment.

You can send a request for reverse engineering services by calling: 8 (8482) 77-29-29.

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