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ATHAPACK is a leading Turkish manufacturer of vertical and horizontal packaging machines, weighing multihead, linear, volumetric and screw weighers, machines for the food industry, vertical and Z-shaped elevators, conveyors and special equipment. Our goal is to provide our customers with one-stop designs, manufacturing, supply, service, assembly and commissioning of technologically advanced and efficient packaging machines and packaging lines.

ATHA MAKİNA A.Ş. certifies the TARGET PROM Company the right to act as an official dealer of ATHAPACK in Russia and the CIS countries.

Our employees follow the scientific and technological advances and comply with the international quality standards of the industry's leading practices in order to become a leading global brand focused on meeting the current needs of customers.

ATHAPACK is the first in Turkey in terms of mechanical, digital electronic technology and the great convenience it provides to its customers.


  • Efficiency is the most important feature of our machines.

  • They can be designed in any required size. This, in turn, is considered proof of quality, efficiency and accuracy.

  • ​Our machines use new digital electronic technology and high quality materials.

  • Our machines operate under enhanced safety conditions and are designed to operate around the clock.

  • Suitability for various types of filling systems; multihead and linear weighers, volumetric, screw and liquid filling units. these are machines designed for various types of packaging suitable for food and non-food products.

  • Our machines have the best value for money on the market.

    Our Pre-sales Services:

    - Consulting and technical engineering support until the end of the project

    - Completion of the verification of all technical parameters in the ATAPAK test area

    - Advice and assistance in the selection of suitable packaging materials

    Our After Sales Services:

    - Starting and checking packaging machines before shipping

    - Installation and start-up of packaging machines on the production line

    - Training of personnel at the customer's plant

    - Warranty and after-sales service

    - Provision of service engineers

    - Preventive checks

    - Prompt delivery of spare parts

We offer our customers a test site before shipping to try their machines with their own products and packaging materials. This gives us the following:

- Tests show customers how their products pass through the production line.

- Recommend to customers other possible applications of ATHAPACK machines and provide customers with expert advice and solutions for their own projects.

- Set and check all possible operating parameters.


- To be a model organization for society and the environment in which we are located, ensuring the continuity of our understanding of quality in order to achieve our goals and objectives for quality, environment and work,

- Satisfy the needs and expectations of stakeholders at the highest level,

- To ensure customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and the quality of our services

- Minimizing risks for employees and stakeholders who may be at risk to health and safety,

- Comply with environmental and labor regulations, laws and regulations,

- At all stages of our activities, it is necessary to take measures to prevent environmental pollution, ensure the control and disposal of waste in accordance with relevant legislation and environmental protection,

- Continuous improvement of quality, environment and work management systems.



SONOMEC integrates science and technology in packaging line automation and develops innovative engineering solutions. It produces robotic systems, complex designs, custom designs and solutions for many industries. In today's world, the two most important factors in manufacturing plants are labor and energy. SONOMEC, together with TARGET PROM, provides its customers with complete engineering solutions with high energy efficiency, labor minimization and constant high quality of equipment.
Robotic packaging production will replace the work of dozens of packers, significantly reducing the cost of the enterprise and minimizing the reject rate.

Robotic systems are designed to process products entering the conveyor and place them in cartons, cartons, blisters or even directly into flow pack machines. SONOMEC's ​​modular design allows for efficient integration at the end of any production process.
​Ready-to-ship and store packaging, display packaging and combination packaging are highly popular. The demand for packaging that is easy to open, dispose of and handle requires flexible automation. SONOMEC loading systems offer high packaging performance and reliability. Whether for automatic packaging in drawers, trays or cartons, our innovative technical solutions provide today everything customers need tomorrow for packaging loose or packaged products.
TARGET PROM introduces SONOMEC's ​​Wrap Around Case Packer, designed to simultaneously form cartons and fill them with product. The use of this equipment provides an opportunity to automate the process of packing bags, bottles, cans, vials into cardboard boxes of various formats.
For each of your projects, the TARGET PROM sales and engineering team works with you. Together with SONOMEC, we design, manufacture and install a complete turnkey solution according to your process and needs.


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